da tudo. — BA Thesis

A practice-based material research experience.

Product designers have begun to search for new materials and their applications. New practice-based research and work processes are emerging.

da tudo is a material research inspired by the origins of the craft of
basketry. The use of local and plant-based materials integrates design models such as regenerative and circular design. It also tests one's own ability to act as independently as possible. I was able to utilise an unnoticed material close to my home and created an enjoyable activity to procure and process it. The material made of eucalyptus bark can be moulded and bound with corn starch and agar agar. One feature is the high lightness of the material, with equally high strength and resilience.

In shaping the future, design is involved in the discussion alongside science, politics and natural science,to gain a greater knowledge through interdisciplinary teams. In design and art, we can develop new methods of research that focus more on searching instead of proving a thesis. In the process, perhaps even more is found than is searched for and several answers can show up.
In this way, visions and positions can emerge that lead or contribute to a public discourse. Practice-based research as a method for experimentation and understanding, as well
as the development of new materials and applications, are new tasks for designers and, as biodesig, a new sub-area of product design. The new materials are plant-based and local.

Hier kannst du noch eine begleitende Erzählung des Forschungsprozesses lesen:

Verena Witthuhn