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I grew up in the country side and was raised with high environmental awareness. Today as a designer I believe contemporary design has the opportunity to be regenerative and circular. To start my design practice in a natural environment, provokes a different process that leads to different materials and objects. To be in nature brings inspiration to me and is essential for my design practice.


Industrial and Lighting Design B.A.: HAWK Hildesheim  02/2021
Custom tailor and Fashion Designer: fahmoda Academy Hanover 02/ 2011


goodmaken, Hanover: Product Design Intern 11/2018 - 09/2019

Wit&Voi, Hanover: Interior Design Intern 02/2018

R/H Studio, Helsinki: Fashion Design Intern 04-07/2013


06/2022 Salone Satellite Exhibitor, Milan: A Magic Touch in a Magical World

02/2022 Ambiente New Talents Exhibitor, Frankfurt: Loungetable MESA-was cancelled
08/2020 Open Studio DeLiceiras 18, Porto: Intimacy among strangers
04/2020 Studio Ilka Teurich, Hanover: Regenerative Reality part two- FLOW
01/2020 EVI Lichtungen, Hildesheim: Regenerative Reality
10/2019 PLDC, Rotterdam: Natürlicht

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